Celebrating life from its beginnings to its ending and every precious moment in between.

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I have ten years experience making your memories. Whether it's a bear, quilt or cushion... From start to finish only the best is good enough to create your precious memories.

You are in safe hands.

Memory Bears

Creating Memories celebrating life from its beginnings to its ending and every precious moment in between.

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Memory bears from baby clothes
Memory bears with loved ones clothes
Memory bears for celebrating the birth

Memory Quilts

Our most treasured heirlooms are the memories we create of our family.

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Memorial quilts with baby clothes
memorial quilts for special memories
Memorial Quilts with loved ones clothes

Memory Cushions

Never be far from a memory of your loved one with Patches memory cushions.

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memory cushions with loved ones clothes
memorial cushions
memorial cushion for special gift


Patches Bunting is made from beautiful cotton fabrics and is personalised with applique lettering.

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bunting for special occasions
bunting with kids name
bunting for celebrating special occasions

Other Animals

Bespoke Custom Order Memory Animals.

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memorial teddy with baby clothes
memory teddy for celebrating special occasions
bespoke custom handmade animal
special message with memory teddy

Special Occasions

Enhance your memories of that special occasion by creating a loved ones presence with our special Memory creations lovingly made from their old clothes.

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memory bear at wedding
memorial bear at wedding
memory bear at special occasions